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Our True Passion

Since 2012, OrthoExtent has played a critical role in enabling Orthodontists & Dental Professionals by providing affordable and accessible products in the digital world. As an end-to-end orthodontic supplies company, OrthoExtent continues to transform the orthodontic & dental industry by providing the newest and most innovative orthodontic products with transparent pricing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed your expectations in quality, cost, customer service, and delivery of orthodontic products. We intend to provide you superior orthodontic products at the lowest prices, while facilitating your online shopping experience as efficiently as possible.

We know how important efficiency, affordability, and profitability is to your practice. We strongly believe that treating patients and improving your practice is more important than spending time negotiating prices on products. For that reason, we preach the philosophy: Your Practice, Made Easier!

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the utmost customer service, so that you can provide better clinical care at your practice. Our goal is to give back control to the orthodontic practice by delivering quality products with transparent pricing.

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