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OrthoExtent carries a wide variety of outstanding auxiliary products that will perform at the highest level with exceptional value. We offer the highest quality hooks, springs and miscellaneous attachments in the industry along with significant savings for your practice. Shop OrthoExtent for all your auxiliary needs.

Model: SSKY-S-W
Kobayashi Orthodontic Short Ties - White Tooth Color .014 (100) High quality medical grade Stainless Steel Hooks with twisted ends allows placement over brackets *100 per packSize: .014 ..
Orthodontic Crimpable Ball Hooks - (20 Hooks) Orthodontic Crimpable Ball Hooks - (20 Hooks)
In Stock
Model: CRPBH
Orthodontic Crimpable Ball Hooks (20 Hooks) Made with high quality medical grade Stainless Steel Polished to ensure smoothness Fits up to .021" x .025" Long - 3mm Medium - 2.2mm Short - 1.3mm *20 per pack  ..
Orthodontic Crimpable Stops (10 Stops) Application of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) High quality Stainless Steel material Fits .018" to .021" x .025" archwires *10 per pack ..
EZ Fit Clear Transparent Composite Orthodontic Bondable Lingual Buttons (10)Transparent low profile for an enhanced aesthetic lookPatented base with central groove and holes surrounding for a superior bond strengthSlot in the neck area of the button where wires .012~.018 can be insertedAllows bondin..
Model: NOCS
EZ Flex Stop Wound Open & Close NiTi Molar Distalizing Spring 15" SpoolMade with Nickel Titanium materialUsed to distalize molars without the use of headgear Slides easily over any archwire*15" SpoolCoil Spring Size x Inside Diameter .010" x .030".010" x .045"..
Model: SSKY-S
Kobayashi Orthodontic Short Ties - Stainless Steel .012 (100)  High quality medical grade Stainless Steel Hooks with twisted ends allows placement over brackets  *100 per pack Size: .012 ..
Model: SSKY-L
Kobayashi Orthodontic Long Ties - Stainless Steel .012 (100)  High quality medical grade Stainless Steel Place hooks on brackets without hooks *100 per packSize: .012..
Model: CRPCH
Orthodontic Crimpable Curved Hooks Maintain wire positioning & tooth movement Used for use with mini-screw attachment Polished 3 times to ensure smoothness  Stainless steel material  Fits round & rectangular wires .018" - .021"x.025 Medium - 6.8 mm tall Long - 9...
Orthodontic Lingual Buttons - Direct Bond Rounded edges for patient comfortStainless Steel materialRound flat - 3.5 mm diameterOval flat - 3.88mm x 2.88mm *10 per pack ..
Model: NCCS
EZ Flex Orthodontic NiTi Closed Extension Coil Spring  w/ Eyelet (10)Delivers constant force for tooth movementNickel Titanium material Stainless Steel eyelet allows ease of attachmentActive until springs close*10 per packLength x (Coil Wire Size): 6mm x (.010" x.030") - Medium Force6..
Orthodontic Gold Plated Button w/ Traction Cleat Eruption Chain  Stainless Steel w/ Gold plating  Bondable to cuspids impacted Rectangular base: 3 mm x 3.75 mm, 80 gauge mesh base 25 mm from base to to end of chain  *2 per pack..
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