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Orthodontic Coil Springs

Shop orthodontic open or closed NiTi coil springs. Coil springs are used on the orthodontic wire to push teeth apart and create a larger space.
Brand: OrthoExtent Model: NOCS
EZ Flex Stop Wound Open & Close NiTi Molar Distalizing Spring 15" SpoolMade with Nickel Titanium materialUsed to distalize molars without the use of headgear Slides easily over any archwire*15" SpoolCoil Spring Size x Inside Diameter .010" x .030".010" x .045"..
Brand: OrthoExtent Model: NCCS
EZ Flex Orthodontic NiTi Closed Extension Coil Spring  w/ Eyelet (10)Delivers constant force for tooth movementNickel Titanium material Stainless Steel eyelet allows ease of attachmentActive until springs close*10 per packLength x (Coil Wire Size): 6mm x (.010" x.030") - Medium Force6..
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