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Orthodontic & Dental Hand Instruments

Shop high-quality dental hand instruments - Hemostats, Probes and Dental Exporer Tools to meet your dental and orthodontic practice.
Brand: OrthoExtent Model: 2568
Orthodontic Curved Halstead Mosquito HemostatCurved  Three locking positions Multipurpose ..
Brand: OrthoExtent Model: 1672
Orthodontic Double Ended Explorer & Probes 23QW - Standard HandleStainless Steel material  Standard easy-grip handle Explorer on one end & probes on one end Used for dental examination ..
Brand: OrthoExtent Model: 1793
Orthodontic Double Ended Explorer Stainless Steel  #5 Explorer  Easy-grip handle ..
Brand: OrthoExtent Model: DBLND-SPT
Cement SpatulasC-24 Flexible blade Stainless steel  Easy-grip handle ..
Brand: OrthoExtent Model: 2503
Orthodontic College PliersSerrated  6" in length  ..
Brand: OrthoExtent Model: 115-0451
Orthodontic Bonding Bracket Holder Stainless Steel magnetic material  Smooth satin finish 5 1/5" in length 1/2" wide beak ..
Brand: OrthoExtent Model: 115-0454
Orthoextent Orthodontic Bonding Buccal Tube HolderStainless Steel Magnetic Material Smooth satin finish5 1/5" in lengthSerrated tipThese orthodontic tweezers can be used for lingual bonding as well...
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