IPR Diamond Disc Sets


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OrthoExtent IPR Diamond 4 Disc Set

Our IPR Diamond Disc Set is a great way to try our line of high-quality discs. Used for interproximal reduction or interproximal stripping to correct crowding and intra arch size discrepancies. This kit contains one solid double-sided disc, one see-thru double-sided disc, one double-sided mesh disc, and one solid single-sided disc. These long-lasting diamond discs measure 22.0 mm in diameter and are used with low speed straight handpieces. This kit comes complete with 4 discs in a black custom etched alumimum bur block with each disc clearly labeled for simplified reorders.


  • 1x Single-sided diamond disc .020
  • 1x double-sided see-thru diamond disc .25
  • 1x double-sided diamond disc .030
  • 1x double-sided  diamond disc .050

Dry heat sterilizable up to 340°F/170°C or autoclavable up to 250°F/121°C