Luminus Monocrystalline Sapphire Brackets – Individual


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Luminus Monocrystalline Orthodontic Sapphire Brackets – Individual

Made with pure monocrystalline sapphire for the highest transparency available. Nearly invisible and remains clear without any staining from eating or drinking. Plasma silica coating provides for superior sliding in the slots and minimizes bracket fractures. Brackets are polished to produce round, smooth corners for superior patient comfort. The small low profile brackets are desirable for both patient and clinicians. Visual placement aids allow for easy and accurate bracket positioning. Fine alumina particles are coated on 70% of base for superior bonding and easy debonding characteristics. 

  • Pure mococrystalline sapphire for highest transparency available
  • Stain free from food or drinks
  • Plasma silica coating to minimize fractures
  • Polished to produce round, smooth corners
  • Low profile design
  • Visual placement aids to allow easy & accurate bracket positioning
  • Fine alumina particles coated on 70% of base for superior bonding and easy debonding
  • Similar to the Inspire ICE™ by Ormco

Kit includes: 

  • 20 brackets/set, upper/lower 5-5
  • Individually colored for easy identification
  • FDA registered (510K)

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Prescription & Slot

  • Roth 022
  • Roth 018
  • MBT 022
  • MBT 018
  • Low Torque 022
  • Low Torque 018

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