MIR Kit 2.0 Hand-stripper Arch with Two FREE Saw Strips


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The MIR aims to perform interproximal stripping in crowded teeth, thus avoiding unnecessary tooth extractions and protrusions in orthodontic treatments.


In addition to this function, the MIR can be used to remove excess restorations and cements in the proximal in a safe and controlled way, improving final results for your patients.

* With the sequence of MIR arcs, the professional has a series of perforated abrasive tapes, which provides a better cut, each with different granulometry to provide spaces, or interproximal finishes and polishes.

* The double side models (two sides) perform the grinding of the tooth on both sides, while the one side (one side) has the abrasiveness only on one side of the sandpaper.

* It has 5 models to perform manual orthodontic interproximal wear procedure.

* Accompanies 8 pieces plus 2 free pieces of saws.

* Autoclavable


* MIR 2.0 White:

* Granulation: Saw.

* Has no abrasive Grain: Extra fine sandpaper.

* 1 Interproximal Space: 0.05mm.


* MIR 2.0 Yellow:

* Has abrasive Grain

* 1 Interproximal Space: Double sides.

* 0.10mm.

* 1 Interproximal Space: One side (right or left).

* 0.05mm.

* Identified by the color yellow.


* MIR 2.0 Red:

* Grain: Fine sandpaper.

* 1 Interproximal Space:

* Two sides.

* 0.20mm.

* 1 Interproximal Space: One side (right or left).

* 0.10mm.

* Identified by the color red.


* MIR 2.0 Blue:

* Grain: Medium sandpaper.

* 1 Interproximal Space: Two sides.

* 0.30mm.

* 1 Interproximal Space: One side (right or left).

* 0.15mm.

* Identified by the blue color.


* MIR 2.0 Green:

* Grain: Coarse sandpaper.

* 1 Interproximal Space: Two sides.

* 0.40mm.

* 1 Interproximal Space: One side ((right or left).

* 0.20mm.

* Identified by the color green.



MIR is mainly indicated for orthodontic stripping and can also be used for finishing and removing remaining cements, restorative materials in dental interproximals.


Instructions for use

Developed to assist in the interproximal opening of the teeth for orthodontic stripping. Each saw bow or abrasive strip has a number (in millimeters) corresponding to the size of the opening, to obtain the same it must be used following the ascending order of arcs:

Double sided                                                                                                            Single side

– White – Serrated – 0.05mm                                                                                   – White – Serrated – 0.05mm

– Yellow – Extra Fine – 0.10mm                                                                                – Yellow – Extra Fine – 0.05mm

– Red – Fine – 0.20mm                                                                                               – Red – Fine – 0.10mm

– Blue – Regular (Medium) – 0.30mm                                                                      – Blue – Regular (Medium) – 0.15mm

– Green – Thick – 0.40mm                                                                                          – Green – Thick – 0.20mm


The bows can be used by hand, with the help of the handle or in contra-angle.