Nantes Orthodontic Metal Brackets | Upper/Lower 5-5 | 345 hooks [20/per set]


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Nantes Orthodontic Metal Brackets 

The Nantes brackets are  standard twin brackets. They are designed to give you the control you demand throughout the treatment that is aesthetic and comfortable for patients. The vertical line on the brackets align precisely, allowing for a more accurate bracket placement. The color ID are placed on the distal-gingival tie-wings, for an easy bracket identification. The bracket base features a high-retention 80-gauge mesh pad, providing increased bond retention and minimizing bond failure. 

  • Crafted low profile Standard design for aesthetics
  • MIM laser welding technology
  • Rounded edges for patient comfort
  • Polished 3 times for surface smoothness
  • Stainless steel material ensures low friction and groove
  • 80-gauge mesh pad welded to body by laser welding technology

Kit includes: 

  • 20 brackets/set, upper/lower 5-5 (20 pcs)
  • Individually colored for easy identification
  • FDA registered

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Prescriptions & Slot:  

  • Roth .022
  • MBT .022