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1.       The OrthoExtent Rewards Program is available to new and existing customers in the United States who meet the program requirement(s).

2.       Enrollment of an individual occurs by registering on our website at

3.       Upon Agreement, Participants will create a unique user name and password, to begin point tracking and redemption.

4.       Once enrolled, accounts will remain “active” throughout the life of the account, or when voluntary/involuntarily the account is canceled.

5.       Participants accrue Rewards Points as each purchase is complete. For every dollar purchased one point is accrued. Promotional double Reward Points may apply. Rewards Points do not expire, and will remain in the Participants account for as long as the account is open. The structure of awarded Rewards Points may change at any time without notice.

6.       Rewards Points accrued as a result of purchases may be redeemed for any of the OrthoExtent products offered. Each product includes “price in reward points.” Once an individual accrues enough points for a product, it can be purchased with Rewards Points.

8.       The request for redemption of Rewards Points must be made by the Participant.

9.       Fraud or abuse relating to the accrual of Rewards Points or redemption of Rewards Points may result in forfeiture of accrued Rewards Points as well as cancellation of a Participant’s Rewards account.

10.     OrthoExtent’s failure to enforce a particular Term or Condition does not constitute a waiver of that Term or Condition by OrthoExtent.

11.     The determination of tax liability arising out of the accrual or redemption of Rewards Points in the program shall be the sole responsibility of the Participant. Participants should refer to their tax adviser to resolve any questions.

12.     All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the program or the eligibility of Rewards Points for accrual or redemption of Rewards Points will be resolved by OrthoExtent.

13.     Points do not expire and are available as long as permitted by applicable laws or regulations.

14.     OrthoExtent reserves the right to terminate the Rewards program at any time. OrthoExtent also reserves the right to change the program terms and conditions at any time.


1.       Lost or forgotten passwords can be retrieved by clicking on the link “Forgot Password” below the login information.

2.       Rewards Points accrued in a Participants account may be redeemed for any OrthoExtent  products. For the “price in reward points” please visit our site at and click on desired products.

3.       Rewards Points accrued in a Participant’s account are good for the lifetime of the account.

4.       OrthoExtent reserves the right to change the date of accrual at any time without notice. If OrthoExtent reinstates a frozen account the related Rewards Points accrued up to that point will be made active, however, the time frame in which to use the Rewards Points will not be extended.

5.       If a Participant cancels their OrthoExtent account all Rewards Points not redeemed at the date of cancellation will be forfeited.

6.       Rewards Points are updated on a Participant’s account as original qualifying orders are shipped. Participants can view the status of their Rewards Points by logging into their account on


1.       Rewards Points begin accruing from the day of Participant enrollment. Rewards Points do not retroactively accrue from past orders.

2.       Each Participant enrolled in the program will accrue Rewards Points based on the amount of the sub-total (prior to tax and shipping) of each order during enrollment.

3.       Any orders placed through promotional pricing/coupons are not eligible to accrue Rewards Points unless specified. Rewards points will begin to accrue at time of enrollment  with 100 Bonus Points as an appreciation for Participant’s enrollment in the Rewards Program.

4.       Rewards Points accrued in the program do not constitute property of the Participant and are not transferable by law and are not transferable to any other Participant account.

5.       Rewards Points accrued have no cash or monetary value.

6.       From time to time, OrthoExtent may offer Participants the opportunity to accrue extra Rewards Points for particular purchases during a specific period of time or in connection with offers and marketing initiatives. All offers will be subject to the OrthoExtent Rewards Program Terms and Conditions.


1.       The request for redemption must be made by the primary Participant or an authorized designee.

2.      The participant can begin using points to make purchases by logging into their OrthoExtent account and using Rewards Points.

3.       All redemption goods are subject to availability. Some redemption goods may have limited availability. You will be notified if the item you have ordered is not available and when it will become available.

4.       Rewards Points are not refundable, exchangeable, replaceable, redeemable or transferable for cash, credit, or other rewards under any circumstances.

5.       By redeeming rewards, you release OrthoExtent from any and all liability regarding the redemption or use of goods or other participation in the program.

6.       All redemption awards will be charged shipping and handling.

7.       Participants may ship to any address listed on the OrthoExtent account that is associated with their Rewards account.

8.       As Rewards Points are redeemed, they are removed from the Participant’s Rewards account when the redemption order is complete.

9.       Federal law may require the disclosure by Participant of discounts, rebates, or other reductions in price received, directly or indirectly, pursuant to this Agreement, in claims, charges, or reports made to federal healthcare programs, including Medicare and Medicaid. Participant acknowledges this obligation and warrant and represents that it will properly report and disclose, and appropriately reflect all reduction in price received and all amounts paid by OrthoExtent hereunder (including all rebates) as discounts to the extent required by applicable state and federal laws.

10.       We cannot deliver to P.O, APO or FPO boxes. Redemption goods can only be shipped within the United States.

11.       We reserve the right to modify or cancel any reward at any time.

12.       Rewards must be redeemed in accordance with program communications. OrthoExtent is not responsible for replacing lost or stolen product.


1.       Any purchased product can be returned for credit to the account, provided it falls within the OrthoExtent return policy. Any points earned from a purchased order will be deducted from the Rewards account. If purchased product is returned and Points earned as a result of that order have been redeemed, points will be deducted from the account which may result in a negative point balance. Accounts with point balances that are negative for 30 days or more may be frozen until rectified.

2.       Redemption orders requiring a return within 30 days of shipment, will result in a reinstatement of Rewards Points to the users account. Redemption orders requesting return after 30 days from the onset of the original qualifying order will not be allowed.

3.       Return/Exchange requests may be denied if the circumstance falls outside OrthoExtent’s return policy.


1.       Should a Participant elect to cancel their account or discontinue their enrollment of the Rewards Program, all Rewards Points will be forfeited at the time of the request.

2.       If a Participant’s account does not remain in good standing, OrthoExtent may elect to cancel or freeze the Participant’s Rewards account and forfeit  Rewards Points associated with that account.

3.       Fraud or abuse relating to the accrual of Rewards Points or redemption of rewards may result in forfeiture of accrued Rewards Points as well as cancellation of your Rewards account.

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