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Model: BR-ICE-SL
Clear Ice Self-Ligating Polycrystalline Orthodontic  Ceramic Brackets Made with ceramic material that provides strength and a translucent appearance. Bracket clip is tooth colored coated with rhodium which increases durability and provides a translucent aesthetic look. The Clear Ice Self..
Model: BR-GLXY-M
Galaxy M Series Self-Ligating Orthodontic Metal Brackets Roth .022 (interactive)Galaxy M Self-Ligating Interactive Brackets provide flexibility and control in all stages of treatment. The sliding mechanics allow transition from passive phase to active phase as wires increase in size.  The self-..
Pure Slide 2.0 Passive Self-Ligating Metal Brackets Pure Slide 2.0 Passive Self-Ligating Metal Brackets
Model: BR-SL-PS2
Pure Slide Series 2.0 Passive Self-Ligating Orthodontic Metal Brackets The Pure Slide 2.0 System offers a passive design allowing tooth movement that is quicker and more efficient than traditional orthodontic brackets. Passive low friction self-ligating clip helps reduce treatment time and allo..
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