EZ Fit Prewelded Orthodontic Molar Band Kit w/ Tubes (100 Bands)



EZ Fit Prewelded Orthodontic Molar Band Kit includes:

  • 100 Bands 
    • 4 of each size 32-44 (3M Unitek size)
    • includes one Quadrant (UR or UL  or  LR or LL)
  • Single tube welded w/ no lingual attachment
    • Additional tubes +$.40 per Band ($40)
    • Lingual attachment +$.40 per Band ($40)
  • Convertible Bands

*Stackable Band Organizers included with the purchase of 4 Kits (UR,UL,LR,LL)

  • $100 value
  • Each organizer includes two drawers
    • Maxillary (UR & UL)
    • Mandibular (LR & LL)

*Custom order available (not for same day shipping)

Band with welded tubes

  • Anatomically conformed to fit individual teeth
  • Micro-etched interior surface for increased bond strength
  • Tempered to allow easy contouring
  • Permanent laser-marked for easy identification
  • Designed to avoid tissue irritation

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